Chamberre Handbook

Applications for 2021 are now closed. See you next year.

Current applicants should still check the site for any updates.



Parking is available in the lower parking lot in front of the Lodge, along the road leading to the women’s area, and near the Swallows cabin.  Do not park on Longs Peak Road.

Keep all driveways and access roads clear for trash pickup, deliveries, and emergency vehicles, and not drive over above-ground sewer pipes and water pipes.

Handicap Accessibility

There is some handicap accessibility. The Dining Hall / Concert Hall is accessible by wheelchair from a vehicle drop-off on the south side of the Lodge. The Lodge, the public restrooms outside the Lodge, and the Dining Hall / Concert Hall are all accessible by wheelchair. The South Barn cabin unit has a level entrance with no stairs. There is also a bedroom in the Lodge with an attached bathroom accessible by wheelchair.


Participants should arrive on registration day before their first scheduled meal.  Chamberre may not be able to accommodate early arrivals, and additional fees may apply.  Check-in will take place in the Lodge.


Climate and Altitude

The Colorado mountain climate is quite variable.  Sunny days are followed by cool nights and frequent afternoon showers.  Weather changes quickly.  Due to the high altitude (9,200 ft, 2,800 m), the air is very dry.  You might experience dehydration or altitude sickness.  A strong sun block is highly recommended as skin is very susceptible to sunburn at this altitude.  Remember to drink plenty of water, get a full night’s sleep, and eat a balanced diet.

Prohibited Items

  • Food in cabins or cars – due to bears
  • Illicit drugs

No Laundry Facility

The camp has no laundry facility.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is located in the office in the Lower Chalet.  Although we will try to look for things you might have left behind, neither Chamberre nor RRMC is responsible for sending items to participants after departure.  All items left in lost and found may be donated to a local charity.


Outbound Mail

  • Place outgoing mail with proper postage in the camp mailbox.


  • There is WiFi in some spots at the camp.


Feeding or touching wildlife is strictly prohibited.


Nutritious meals with vegetarian and other options are served in the Dining Hall.  Fresh fruit and snacks are available throughout the day.  Due to Health Department regulations, participants are not allowed in the kitchen at any time except by permission of the chef or unless assigned to a kitchen work detail.

Lights Out

Playing sessions are held in many of the cabins.  Most of these have participants lodging in them.  Except by agreement with the cabins’ residents, sessions in occupied cabins shall end at 11:00 pm, and not begin before 9:00 am.


Put organic matter in the trash can inside the Dining Hall or in the outside trash bins across the road from the Lodge.  Because these outside trash bins are protected with bear-proof mechanisms, make sure the mechanisms are engaged correctly to secure closure of the trash bins against bear access.

Put non-organic matter, such as cardboard boxes, in the trash bins near Kingfisher Cabin.

Fire and Safety

Open fires, burning incense or candles, or smoking any substance, including marijuana or tobacco in any form, is not allowed at the camp at any time by participants, staff members, or guests. Use of the fireplaces and the open fire pit are also not allowed.

In case of fire or other emergency, everyone will be notified by constant ringing of the camp bell at the Lodge AND by a siren (which will be demonstrated during each session’s orientation meeting).  Everyone must go immediately to the parking lot across from the Lodge.  You may bring your instrument with you. Be advised, however, that instruments may need to be left behind depending on the nature of the emergency and the available transportation.  You are responsible to properly insure your instrument for loss or damage.  A fire drill will be held for each session and it is mandatory that everyone respond as quickly as possible.  Emergency evacuation procedures will be covered in the safety orientation for each session.

Illness and Hospitalization

Serious illness and emergency services are provided through the Estes Park Medical Center Hospital (970) 586-2317 or Timberline Medical Center (970) 586-2343.  Participants needing emergency medical assistance will be transported to the nearest medical facility in Estes Park, at least 15 minutes away, for treatment.  Neither Chamberre nor RRMC shall be responsible for any costs incurred by any participant in any medical emergency.

Chamberre Is Responsible for Damages to RRMC

Chamberre in the Rockies is responsible for any charges that may be levied by RRMC to pay for any damage to the facility caused by participants.


The Rocky Ridge Music Center camp is designated as a National Historic District and we need your help in caring for and preserving it.  Please, no hanging on the rafters in any of the buildings.  No sitting on banisters.  The water and sewer pipes should never be walked on.  Leave the wildflowers in the ground.  Leave all items in the cabin that were there upon your arrival.  Do not park over the septic leach field.  Help us keep the camp clean by throwing away or packing out litter, and leave all dishes, cups, and silverware in the Dining Hall.

Cell Phones

RRMC is located high in the mountains where cell phone service is unreliable. Most cell phone carriers do not serve this location.  In Estes Park or other towns, cell phone service is available.


RRMC provides separate living quarters for male and female participants.  It is expected that the participants will honor the privacy of others by remaining in their respective living areas and/or the grounds common to both.

Piano Care and Maintenance

In cabins with pianos, leave the heaters on a low setting at all times, leave the covering attached, and do not set anything on top of the pianos.  Please report necessary adjustments or repairs.


Pets are not permitted at the camp.  Exceptions will be made only for service animals or for residential staff who have specific permission from the Executive Director of RRMC.


Participants will check out and depart after their last scheduled meal.  Participants are responsible for ensuring they take all personal items home.  Chamberre may not be able to accommodate late departure times requiring extra overnight stays or additional meals, and additional fees may apply. Those participants staying through lunch Sunday may stay overnight in their cabins and leave Monday morning at no extra charge, although breakfast will not be served.


As a reminder, this waiver appears in the Policies section:

I understand that there are inherent risks associated with participation in any camp activity, some of which will take place in an outdoor environment in mountainous terrain, which cannot be completely eliminated, altered, or controlled. I further understand that neither Chamberre in the Rockies, Rocky Ridge Music Center, nor its employees or agents accepts any responsibility for injury to me or any minors I am the parent, guardian, or supervisor of who accompany me, damage, including damage to musical instruments, or legal claim resulting from participation in such activities. I hereby release Chamberre in the Rockies, Rocky Ridge Music Center, and their employees and agents from any and all liability resulting from any such activities. I agree to assume the risk of such activities on behalf of me and any minors I am the parent, guardian, or supervisor of who accompany me. I hereby release, waive any claim of liability, and agree to hold harmless Chamberre in the Rockies, Rocky Ridge Music Center, and their employees and agents with respect to any claim asserted by or on behalf of me or any minors I am the parent, guardian, or supervisor of who accompany me as a result of injury, illness, death, or damage, including damage to musical instruments, occurring to me or any minors I am the parent, guardian, or supervisor of who accompany me while participating in Chamberre in the Rockies programs and activities or while present anywhere on the Rocky Ridge Music Center property. I agree that the laws of the State of Colorado shall govern this document and all other aspects of the relationship between me and any minors I am the parent, guardian, or supervisor of who accompany and Chamberre in the Rockies, Rocky Ridge Music Center, and their agents and employees. Further, I agree that any legal proceedings concerning any dispute with Chamberre in the Rockies or Rocky Ridge Music Center must be filed exclusively in the State of Colorado. I have read and understand the above and will abide by the terms of this document and all Chamberre in the Rockies and Rocky Ridge Music Center policies. I have read and understand the Chamberre in the Rockies Chamberre Handbook and agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and policies outlined therein.


Chamberre in the Rockies does not discriminate in operation, employment, contracting, admission, or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, or marital status.  Exceptions are made only where such a distinction is required by law, proved to be a bona fide occupational qualification, the result of limitations in the facility, or basic to our mission, as in the age eligibility of our participants.