Applications for 2021 are now closed. See you next year.

Current applicants should still check the site for any updates.

Chamberre entails certain risks. These are, at a minimum:

COVID-19 concerns: If COVID-19 still appears to be a threat, consider participating in only low-risk behaviors the week before you arrive at the camp.  Things to avoid include social gatherings with those outside your household, such as weddings, extended family events, sports tournaments, family trips, indoor dining at a restaurant, large events, and big group gatherings.

If you are traveling on any kind of public transport to the camp, please follow all safety guidelines provided by the transportation company.

Altitude is 9,200 ft (2,800 m).

Storms with lightning and hail

Extreme temperature and humidity swings, although it usually stays above freezing

Rocky and steep terrain

Photo by SoYoung Lee

Forest fire

Large animals (bear, elk, moose)

Poor or no cell phone reception

Location is remote enough that city or county emergency response might be slow.

You must acknowledge and assume these risks, as outlined in the waiver in the Policies section, and indicate so in the Application to Chamberre.

As a safeguard during this uncertain time, Chamberre in the Rockies recommends that you purchase a third party fee/travel insurance plan which will protect your investment should you choose to cancel ahead of time or are otherwise unable to participate.  RRMC has partnered with TravMark, which comes highly recommended by AM Skier, RRMC’s insurance provider.  Please see the webpage https://travmark.com for more information.  Often the best time to purchase this type of insurance is once you make your payment.